Activity and offer

Animal Rescue emergency service conceptually works like any other ambulance car for humans.

Acute veterinary emergency

In cases of animals acute life-threatening situations when the main task is to rescue the animals from dangerous situations, to provide on-site first aid, stabilization, transport of the animal with the professional crew (accompanied by the owner of the animal) and transfer the animal to the veterinary clinic.

Acute transport means in particular:

  • Transport of a wounded animal after the rescue
    e.g. an animal is sunk in unstable ground or jammed in some confined space, or after a car accident, after some natural disaster, etc.
  • Transport of horse with colic
    the horse must be quickly transported to the hospital! The optimal time interval for arrival is 60 minutes. The South Moravian calls our dispatching. In other cases take your horse by any affordable horse transporter to nearest professional treatment.
  • Transport in the safety hanging net
    we carry a large animal with a severe leg injury (laminitis, facial injuries, broken bones, tendons and ligaments injuries …), or animals that can’t be transported without carrying because they can’t control their standing (ataxia, poisoning, circulatory disorders, central nervous system, the total exhaustion of the organism …)
  • Transport in lying position
    we transport animals in a motionless lying position in deep anesthesia or short-term, we use a special padded pad for the transport of large animals.

Transport of non-acute patients

Ahead planned transport of handicapped (injured, treated, sick …) animals for veterinary examination and back, due to a change of owner or accommodation, transport between veterinary clinics, transport for recovery, etc.

Emergency service

During the major equestrian events – flat racing, hurdle racing, and endurance, eventing, historical events (reconstruction of the battles), film shooting of riding scenes, interventions of mounted police, etc., in short, anywhere where horses are getting into dangerous and risk situations.

Standing up of lying horses

Especially the old and exhausted horses. Standing up is provided by hanging construction and special lifting harness net. It is a demanding and dangerous job that requires experience and knowledge, for that reason there must always be present experienced rescuer of large animals there. Despite all the knowledge and good technique we cannot give 100% guarantee that the animal will retains in the stand up position. Reasons why the animal cannot keep on its foot are many. Valid motto „the sooner the horse stands up, the bigger is the chances for the following recovery. We recommend, if it is possible, turning animal from side to side until our arrival.

The capture of freely running large animals

Especially after fires and other natural disasters and after accidents. We capture mostly pasture breeding animals. Freely running animals endanger themselves, other people and other property. If they cannot be caught normally, we help with capture equipment or tranquilizer gun.

Lending and consultation of safety hanging net in a stable

We lend you a special veterinary safety hanging net for horses to your stable. If the patient is treated by the local vet at home – for example with chipping bones, laminitis, poisoning, etc. Horses with a similar diagnosis cannot lie down, because standing up can cause more damages. Installing a safety hanging net in horse box indulge your horse a relaxation. Forward it is necessary to ensure the transom or hook with appropriate capacity.

Educational activities

Such as demonstrations and lectures in the course of thematic exhibitions, and other equestrian events, agricultural events, presentations IRS, children’s days, races, exhibitions, shows, day of animals, etc. Practical part of a course is simulated demonstration of horse rescue (we use dummy). Length of presentation is 45-60 minutes. The length of practical example is 20 minutes. See more in Prices and sources of funding.

Educational and preventive activity

We are organizing workshops and seminars of basic manipulation with horses, and manipulation with animals at risk situation – rescue, evacuation, fires, and floods. We educate lay and professional public.

Financial resources and price list

Horse Emergency, z.s. price list (PDF)

We’re not tax payers

We are very sorry, that our Veterinary rescue services have to meanwhile partialy work on commercial base. We hope, that in near future situation will be betters and that needed recourses will be given by state, regions, companies or entrepreneurs.

Cost of equipments and running of Rescue

Services Spending on system plus running ambulance already climb to the giddy amounts plus for the present to us succeed in is manage from own resources plus with the help of present minute givers. Common sense to us prompt, that the relatively high amounts deemed necessary behind commercial step would could a lot of owners discourage plus whole rescue system would then lose its meaning. With it of course don’t intend settle. Therefore we will try at least in part necessary resources on rescue action interlock alternative method. Alike would like to bankrolled and necessary technical to the-equipment first variants ambulance car, next pendent arrangement and new special container.