Technical equipment


It is primary and necessary technical equipment. In base it is a specially modified and equipped with transporter for animals, that meets all technical and legislative requirements for animal transport. To ensure maximum get at ability in difficult terrain, the transporter is driven by powerful off-road vehicle.

Mobile safety hanging construction

It is in the transporter (ambulance) and it may go outside over the injured animal (even lying animal). The patient is suspended in a special harness network and reel system raises the animal above the surface. Another big winch located on the transporter then picks up the harness network with suspended animal and pulls them into the transporter. Rescue in this construction is limited by size of the patient – up to 1.000 kg weight, withers height of 180 cm. Each winch, rope, pulley and carabineer is rated at more than 1,000 kg, as well as special brakes and wheels swivel design. This makes it easier to transport patients for example with fractures, who unfortunately till now were destroyed in the place of accident.

Special padded mat

Is another variation of affected animals’ transportation – the lying transport. It is made of smooth Teflon, so it can be very easily sliding on any surface. And since it is also connected to a big reel, it can be pulled with the animal into the ambulance. The padded mat is used in places where you cannot install hanging construction (for example in steep slopes or in the small space in stables). Furthermore, it is used for transport of the patients who cannot be hang up, because over limit proportions. Also pad and all its equipment are rated for more than 1,000 kg.

Other ambulance equipment

For maximum comfort and patient control is ambulance equipped with a recording thermometer, which is connected to a forced air conditioning and independent heating, CCTV and most important elements of the first aid, such as infusion, resuscitation, etc. The above described system is flexible and can be used for acute transports of all large animals from farms and zoological gardens. The basic ambulance equipment is also various tools for animal extrication and special straps for acute withdrawal.


The crew consists of specially trained drivers – rescuers, professionally and legislatively at the desired level. If there is no veterinary doctor present at the place of intervention, a member of the crew is also a veterinary doctor.


Air Rescue Service

We cooperated with providers of air services and, if necessary, we also ensure take off the helicopter for an animal rescue in difficult terrain. In this case the rescue is so expensive that it must be solved individually and specifically.